Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023
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We make it manageable.

We prefer effective strategies over fancy presentations. We are only ever happy with the concepts we’ve developed once they can be operationalized 1:1 in our clients’ organizations. With our detailed knowledge, experience and track record of successful implementation, we are the bridge between ideas and execution – we find the best way of doing things for each individual client.

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We achieve a lot.

We dedicate ourselves fully to the task at hand, we are focused and efficient in our work, and we are quick to reach the objective. An enterprising mindset and an entrepreneurial approach are in our blood and we measure our success against the long-term, quantifiable value we create for our clients. Our aspiration is to be the market leaders across our consulting spectrum. We come up with innovative, creative and smart measures for our clients to take and we get them to work – every time.

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We work together.

We’re team players. Whether we’re talking to the chief executive or the janitor, we communicate with our project partners as equals. We know that a frank discussion will often tell us more about a company than a tidy row of binders on a shelf.

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We see the real people.

We know that our consulting services will often produce tangible impacts affecting companies, their people and their families. We take this responsibility seriously. We want our ideas and our concepts to also have a positive effect on working conditions for the workforce as a whole, to simplify processes and to minimize stress factors in the organization.

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We show our true character.

We are passionate about consulting and love working in a diverse international team. As a company, RITTERWALD is young and down to earth. Fairness, honesty, loyalty and empathy are every bit the mark of our characters as expertise, intellectual strength, diplomacy and creativity. Although we work hard, we try not to forget that it’s our private life that forms the foundations of our success and is what really makes us happy in life.

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We are all different.

Diversity is not a slogan for us, but a social reality. Our employees convince us of their competence, creativity and strength of thought. We do not presume to define normality and allow ourselves to be inspired by people regardless of their gender, sexuality, nationality or skin color. We are proud of the international orientation of RITTERWALD and appreciate the impulses of the different locations on our corporate culture.