Private Equity

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Private equity meets real estate

Private equity investors have become a significant force in the real estate industry over the past 10 to 15 years. We know what investments pay off for our clients.

As consultants to the real estate sector, we have comprehensive insight into the related industries. We are familiar with the needs of energy and mobility players and the requirements of submetering service providers and facility management firms. We prepare market profiles for potential investors and analyze relevant sectors in depth, looking at the current market situation, industry trends and future prospects as well as the appraisals and experiences of our clients.

Whether you’re looking to invest in property holding companies or in related industry sectors, we’ll identify which companies are a strategic fit for your portfolio by analyzing the relevant markets according to your investment criteria (see infographic on multimedia market analysis).
You may also be interested in add-on acquisitions for your existing investments. We examine the synergies that can result from the acquisition of rival firms or companies with value chains in related business segments. Our extensive network gives us a crucial edge in addressing target companies.

We know our target industries inside out and have benchmarks for numerous operational KPIs. To help you achieve the intended performance and outcome of your investments, we develop targeted measures for strategic realignment and support their implementation from beginning to end.

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Add-on acquisitions to existing investments can also make sense. We examine which synergies can result from the acquisition of competitors or companies with adjacent added value. Our distinctive network is a decisive advantage when addressing target companies.

Multimedia market analysis (2014-20): Revenues from broadband connections are stagnating, smart home solutions are growing and revenues from digital entertainment continue to rise.

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Industries related to the housing sector (proposed by RITTERWALD)


M&A and due diligence

Boasting comprehensive market expertise, we manage the entire M&A process for our clients – from commercial due diligence to the business plan stage. As a delivery-focused consultancy, we always have an eye to the post merger phase during the transaction itself in order to ensure the successful integration and/or optimization of the acquired company.

Performance review

As experts in the real estate sector and related industries, we optimize the performance of our clients’ investments. Using market benchmarks, we analyze the value chain of your existing investments and work with you to identify where performance needs to be improved.

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