Change Management


Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

When companies change and evolve, there is also a change in what’s required of team members and leaders alike. Coaching helps people approach these challenges with a positive mindset.

Coaching is a fixed component of innovative change management processes today, because support for employees and executives is a key success factor in any transformation. But coaching is also an important tool for staff development in general and for fostering ideation in a team setting and in innovation processes.

Our coaching support gives people their own personal way of dealing professionally with transformation and change. Our focus lies principally on executive and employee coaching. We support departments, teams or individual employees in recognizing their own attitude to the changes ahead and uncovering and breaking down any reservations and resistance they may have. In these situations we also help resolve interpersonal conflicts and identify individual opportunities for professional or personal development resulting from the impending changes.

Whether individually or in groups: Coaching results often have a lasting effect because participants associate the solutions they have developed with a positive experience.

Specific solutions

No matter whether we’re talking about individual, team or peer coaching, in each case there is almost always a specific challenge to be dealt with. Coaching outcomes are often permanently effective because the coaching participants associate the resulting solutions with a positive experience. Whether to deal with problems in single sessions or as part of a longer coaching process is something we decide on in conjunction with our client taking into account the situation at hand.

Coaching for staff development

Coaching is a good investment in your staff development and innovation culture. It supports the personal development of your employees and executives alike and can be an incubator for new ideas. In innovation processes, coaching can help you step off the beaten path and think outside the box.