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RITTERWALD Consulting serves the affordable housing industry in Europe by offering value-based independent services related to consulting, finance and urban development.

RITTERWALD Consulting has an excellent professional network in Europe and extensive know-how about housing markets in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and France, with emerging business development in the Nordics and the Baltics.

We work with experienced consultants that are fluent in our client’s native language.

Since 2014 we are a proud member of the European Federation for Living (EFL) together with about 70 other housing companies, scientific institutes and service providers for the real estate industry.

Our clients

We serve a broad range of clients: from 100,000+ housing companies to midsized housing cooperatives. In urban development we work for regional and local authorities and public private partnerships. In finance we provide housing companies with additional and alternative access to debt financing with our Certified Sustainable Housing Label.

International network

We actively engage in professional networks in different countries to be able to perform to the satisfaction of our clients. This relates to big events such as Expo Real Munich, CIH Manchester, MIPIM Cannes and Provada in Amsterdam as well as the bi-annual International Social Housing Festival. Moreover, we are increasing our presence in the impact investing community through among others, ICMA and eurosif.

Our value proposition


We are offering services to enhance performance in the company’s business value chain.


We create a marketplace accommodating demand (finance needs from housing providers) and supply (debt and equity providers). We have a sole focus on consulting and work together with our client’s brokers.

Urban development

We are crossing bridges between (semi) public and private sector in addressing development challenges in metropolitan areas in order to increase housing construction.

Selected Projects

  • Strategy

    Benchmark daily maintenance in social housing

    Clients: DeltaWonen (Zwolle, Netherlands), Gewobag (Berlin, Germany)

  • Strategy

    Ambulant care at home: innovative affordable solutions in ambulant care services to elderly tenants

    Clients: Gewobag (Berlin, Germany as lead partner), Centre of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care (Finland), Tallinn University (Estonia), Riga Technical University (Latvia), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lituania), University of Applied Sciences Lübeck (Germany), Y Foundation (Finland), EKÜL (Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations) Jelgava Municipal Housing Associa.tion (Latvia)

  • Strategy

    Transformation Foundation Stage

    Client: One Manchester (United Kingdom)

  • Finance

    Feasibility Study Impact Investing: identifying impact investors in housing

    Clients: Ymere (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Vilogia (Paris/Lille, France), Flüwo (Stuttgart, Germany), Gewobag (Berlin, Germany)

  • Finance

    Certified Sustainable Housing Label

    Clients: Ymere (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Vilogia (Paris/Lille, France), Clarion (London, UK), Gewobag (Berlin, Germany)

  • Urban Development

    Development and Infrastructure in The Hague-Rotterdam Metropolitan Area

    Clients: Municipalities of Zoetermeer, Lansingerland and Pijnacker-Nootdorp

  • Urban Development

    Building Public Private Partnership Urban Transformation Vogelbuurt Rotterdam

    Clients: Amvest Development, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance, Heijmans, ERA Contour, Dura Vermeer

Selected Clients

  • delta Wonen
  • Amvest
  • Clarion Housing
  • Ymere
  • gemeente Zoetermeer
  • Gewobag
  • One Manchester
  • Syntrus
  • Vilogia
  • Universität Jyväskylä
  • Y-Säätiö


For more information about our European projects and engagements please contact:

  • Drs. Ad Hereijgers
    Drs. Ad Hereijgers
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    • +49 (0) 30 - 609 85 82 40
  • Ber (L. A.) Bosveld
    Ber (L. A.) Bosveld
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    • +31 20 208 2174


European Project Ahead?

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