Potential Analysis

Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

We systematically examine our clients’ projects prior to the launch of any new products, services or solutions to identify what potential they offer.

We bring clarity and predictability to our clients’ projects. To help you achieve the best possible outcome we closely examine the possible increases in income and reductions in costs that may result from your plans and derive recommendations for actions you can take towards your specific aim.

Particularly when working on digitalization projects, a structured approach helps create the transparency you need to determine and discuss your planning assumptions: we link end customer usage rates with the underlying investments and the effects on your internal organization. Methodically working out these parameters produces an informative picture of the potential contained in whatever new products or solutions you plan to introduce.


Our client was able to realize considerable savings by implementing our restructuring program.

We were able to significantly increase the operating cash flow of one of our clients by exploiting previously unused potential for rent increases.

We facilitate forward planning

Systematic investigations and precise calculations are indispensable in estimating the effects of new plans on your business. Armed with the results of our analyses of potential, you will have the fundamentals you need to simplify your business decisions substantially – and create tangible value.

We understand the market

Our analytical expertise goes hand in hand with an element that cannot be calculated, studied or researched. That element is experience. In most cases, we’ll be familiar with comparable solutions in use in the market or we’ll have supported the execution of similar plans ourselves. We can judge many products or projects on the basis of our market insight and we’ll know straight away whether deeper analyses are worthwhile or not – saving our clients time, money and energy.

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Potential analysis for the use of an app in the real estate sector together with an affiliate partner. A positive profit margin can already be achieved in the second year of use.