Digital Solutions


Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

RITTERWALD supports clients with the optimal implementation of their digitalization goals.

The processes that need to be digitalized in companies are often very similar. Solutions for these processes are normally already available on the market. RITTERWALD helps clients select suitable service providers and software to meet their defined digitalization objectives as closely as possible. We keep a list of providers categorized by process. A valuable tool, we keep this list continuously updated and make it available to assist you in choosing the right provider for your needs.

However, there isn’t a suitable solution on the market for every process and every requirement. Some companies have very individual requirements for digital solutions owing to their special products or specific corporate goals. We’ll advise on external software developments and coordinate your cooperation with partners. Our proprietary RITTERWALD Solutions are special software solutions that we have developed ourselves to provide our clients with specific support.

With a connected solution from RITTERWALD, renovation requirements in housing stock are digitally recorded and prepared for decision-relevant use.