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Business Planning and Company Valuation

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At RITTERWALD we develop custom-tailored business models for our clients. We analyze the market and related business segments, we spot the trends and we help you, as our clients, to gear your company up for key developments to come.

Our integrated approach encompasses all levels of business planning and all the tools of the trade. We take your profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement and turn them into integrated models.

Having access to well founded input and benchmark figures, we verify the results against reliable worked examples and sensitivities. We involve specialists from within your organization in our development processes, ensuring that all of their knowledge and experience can be turned to your advantage.


Basis for strategy decisions: Forecast development of an FM service provider (sample figures)

Prior to a sale: Calculating the company value (x) using the discounted cash flow method with various multiples of peer companies

Informed analyses

We combine data and experience we have gathered ourselves with our access to specialist databases to produce effective market and company analyses, conducting company valuations using relevant multiples.

Discounted cash flow

We boast first-rate specialist expertise and years of experience in producing complex valuation models based on the discounted cash flow method. We use these models to conduct the business planning in detail and verify the specific results.

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Example: Business planning in the process of establishing an energy subsidiary