Digital Solutions


Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

Digitalization holds considerable potential to add value to both fundamental and supporting business processes in many companies. RITTERWALD analyzes and optimizes processes and advises clients on planning and implementing digital solutions.

From years of experience, RITTERWALD knows the various digital challenges companies face. We work with proptech start-ups to help you as our clients successfully manage the digital transformation – and translate it into lasting success for your company. To this end, we developed a digitalization framework for the real estate sector, which we use to ensure needs-based and efficient consulting along all of the relevant processes.

We’ll guide you through all of your digitalization challenges with both strategic and operative support. In doing so we apply state-of-the-art methods, use digital tools, cooperate with innovative partners and develop proprietary solutions.

Project Examples

Effective digital collaboration: Cloud-based property files make all information available to back-office staff and service providers alike – any time, any place.

A corporate app connects your company directly with your end customers, creating a great deal of potential to add value.

Analyzing and optimizing processes

We are familiar with the processes and the potential that result from using digital offerings in your business. The first thing we’ll do in one of our audits is determine the extent to which your internal processes are already digital. Based on the audit findings we’ll then work with you to define where you want to get to in terms of digitalization and we’ll help you reach that goal.

Implementing innovations

Whether you operate in real estate or facility management, in the newbuild or lettings business, you’ll most likely work with numerous service providers. We know what digital products are available on the market and, from placing orders to settling invoices to accounting, we’ll assist you throughout the whole process of implementing existing solutions or developing new ones.

Developing business models

End customers have high requirements when it comes to everyday digital solutions, which means that they expect a high level of digitalization within the real estate they use. We apply modern methods like design thinking to support our clients in developing new business models and testing their suitability, entirely in tune with the build–measure–learn feedback loop.

Success that shows

We offer advisory services from which all stakeholders profit. We design efficient processes and exploit additional revenue potential for our clients. We also make everyday work easier in the companies we advise and we help employers become an attractive place to work and uphold a positive public image.