Implementation Support


Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

Only when our program has been implemented and measurable successes achieved can our support be considered truly successful – that is what good consulting means to us.

Operationalization builds on the prior work done by RITTERWALD. It often takes a business plan as its basis, or the results of a target strategy that defines the implementation framework. These strategies must then be delivered – and prove themselves on the market.

Delivering strategies such as spin-offs, share deals, reorganizations or mergers & acquisitions calls for strong project and change management skills and a great deal of advisory activity that builds on the work that has gone before, from transaction management to process rollout. RITTERWALD has extensive experience of delivering such complex projects at various scales, on different levels of complexity and with diverse strategic focuses.

Real estate example

In many of our consulting engagements we have helped housing companies in Germany establish their own energy company. Given our extensive industry expertise and the broad portfolio of methods and range of content we cover, we were able to support these projects successfully through all phases to the point of operationalization.

Interdisciplinary team

From transaction specialists and strategy consultants to industrial engineers and psychologists: RITTERWALD supports clients in the project delivery phase with an interdisciplinary team of advisors. What makes us special is our extensive experience, proven project success, strong market perspective and the extent of our personal networks, especially in the real estate sector and related industries.