New Business Segment Development

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Legal regulations and the growing demands of tenants are sending costs spiraling. We identify additional sources of revenue for our clients in related business segments.

Seeking ways to improve their performance, companies in the real estate sector are increasingly looking into related business areas. RITTERWALD has a wealth of experience in supporting clients with strategic realignment and moving into new business segments, such as energy services, facility management or digitalization.

We compile thorough business plans to give companies a clear understanding of the financial effects they can expect – providing a solid basis for confident decision-making. From subsidiaries to joint ventures, we can advise you on possible business models suited to your plans. Working in tandem with your project managers, we’ll guide you through all relevant project steps looking at cost effectiveness, technology, legal aspects and taxes.

A new business model based around an app can emerge from the need to optimize processes in your own company if other companies would also find the developed product useful.


The digital transformation is changing markets and opening up new business segments. RITTERWALD is familiar with the new market logic and what it requires. Whether you’re looking to take your first steps in the digital sphere or expand on previous measures, we will give you the benefit of our experience, tact and entrepreneurial spirit as we work together to digitalize your company. Our aim is not just to make companies fit for the demands of the digital world – we want to put you in a position to exploit every bit of new potential that presents itself.

Make or buy?

You can opt to develop new business segments in a subsidiary of your own or in a joint venture with a market expert. Ultimately, the question is whether to use in-house resources to make what you sell or to buy your services in from external providers. We detail the opportunities and risks of both models to support you as our client in making this decision and enable you to develop your new business segments in the best possible way.

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Different options for a facility management company seeking to develop a new business segment. A: Award contracts to a service provider. B: Award contracts to a new wholly owned subsidiary. C: Form a new joint venture with an industry expert.