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Grow, evolve and move forward – that’s what you can expect to do when you join us. We know how important career prospects are to a working relationship based on trust.

Lasting and sustainable development is our aim for both our company and the people who work with us. Our career and progression opportunities are very transparent. You can join us at any career level.

Our team is our most important asset. A good corporate culture ensures committed, motivated and most of all happy staff – and they are what make up a successful company.

Dr. Mathias Hain, Partner

Two career paths

At RITTERWALD, there are two different career paths you can follow: the classic consulting career, which ultimately leads to management roles, and the specialist career, where you specialize in a particular field of expertise. The basic career is initially the same for both career paths.

The basics

  • Junior Consultant

    Ready to learn

    Junior Consultants take on tasks in project teams, prepare and follow up meetings, evaluate quantity and price structures, data and documents, and acquire new knowledge within the framework of their projects.

  • Consultant

    Further development

    Consultants assume more responsibility within their project teams as their experience grows. By authoring articles and participating in external conferences and seminars, our consultants contribute to the development and growth of RITTERWALD’s market presence.

  • Senior Consultant

    Constant performance

    Senior Consultants work independently on set topics in the project and develop recommendations based on the data available. They convey trust, react quickly and calmly to good news and bad, and exert influence through their authority.

Which track is yours?

Not all people are equal, not even consultants! Some people have leadership in their blood, others would rather be experienced and acknowledged experts than managers with budget responsibility and a team. We have development opportunities for both outlooks:

The classic way

  • Project Manager

    Responsibility for a motivated team

    Project Managers focus on leading team members in their own company as well as in their clients’. They put together a talented team and motivate them to achieve excellence. They bring structure and discipline to every process and make difficult decisions.

  • Senior Project Manager

    The big picture on project history

    Senior Project Managers have many years of experience in project management. They maintain and develop client relationships, work on client acquisition and win new projects. Senior Project Managers manage projects across the board.

  • Principal / Partner

    Extremely satisfied clients

    Principals and Partners develop and intensify client relationships, foster talent and help develop other leaders. They foster the development of outstanding intellectual capital. Visionary and focused, they are responsible for managing complex projects.

For experts

  • Managing Expert

    Specialist knowledge

    Managing Experts have specialist knowledge in at least one field of expertise that is of key importance to RITTERWALD’s business and have knowledge in related areas. They are responsible for developing solutions for our clients and work on new and complex tasks, taking account of related functions.

  • Senior Managing Expert

    Development of guidelines

    Senior Managing Experts have outstanding specialist knowledge in a forward-looking, complex field of expertise that is of key importance to RITTERWALD’s business and have extensive knowledge in related areas. They develop guidelines and principles that are applied across our client base (products, methods, innovations).

  • Expert Principal

    Recognized authorities

    Expert Principals are recognized and valued by our clients as authorities in their fields. They hold a unique position at RITTERWALD and develop new areas of expertise and new use cases for our company. Expert Principals manage fundamental areas of business activity.

Do you want to work with us?

We offer entry opportunities at any career level.

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