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Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

Good organization means better cooperation across the board – we create clear organizational structures, optimize corporate processes and integrate all of the digital processes.

Organizational charts and job descriptions are often overtaken by the reality of established structures and the individuality of the people in the roles. Cooperation is frequently marked by inefficient processes that cost companies a great deal of time and money.

Added to that, digital transformation has greatly changed the way businesses are structured. Many of today’s processes are digitalized or outsourced. Where employees used to work in local units, many companies have since introduced shared service centers, bundling previously decentralized services at a central point. To do this successfully, the knowledge held by employees must be systematically mapped and made centrally accessible. In addition, more and more companies are moving into the self-service sphere, where processes that used to be handled within the business are transferred directly to the customer in the form of apps, etc.


The reorganization of inventory management enables housing companies to achieve considerable increases in efficiency and cost reductions.

Holistic reorganization to introduce profit center structures and optimized processes led to a significant increase in efficiency.

Modularizing maintenance services can achieve savings – both in purchasing and in performance management.

New structures

At RITTERWALD we help our clients adapt their organizational structures. We’ll analyze your current structures and all of the processes involved, identify problems, determine where the interfaces are and define what needs to change in close collaboration with you. Working closely with the operational departments, organizational development team, IT and top management, we develop measures and actions that not only get new organizational structures and processes installed fast, but also ensure that they remain in place long term.

Good organization makes everything transparent

Optimizing organizational structures involves helping our clients adapt and analyze organizational charts, design job profiles and task analyses, and detail the organization manual. A clear organizational structure creates efficiency and transparency, enables clear communications internally and externally, and ensures acceptance within the company.

Planning capacities

Capacities need to be planned or adapted in order to avoid bottlenecks and use the available resources sustainably. Resources can then be adjusted within the company through a variety of short-term or long-term measures. RITTERWALD is familiar with all aspects of capacity planning and can provide benchmarks on capacities within other companies where required.

Process notation

Given the changing markets companies are faced with, processes require constant adaptation and optimization. The way to do this is by digitally capturing, mapping and managing processes and workflows. We at RITTERWALD use BPMN2.0 notation and Signavio software here, but we can also work with other notations.

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RITTERWALD’s organizational consulting approach