Implementation Support

Project Management

Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

In many RITTERWALD engagements we take on a project management role in order to free up capacities in our clients’ organizations. The goal is a smooth-running project – and a happy client.

When complex projects threaten to overload our clients’ human resource capacities, RITTERWALD is happy to take over all project organization and project tracking responsibilities. We coordinate the interdisciplinary work on the project content – for example drafting contracts with external service providers, designing processes or mapping them in the IT systems. We manage internal and external stakeholders such as operational departments, process management team, lawyers and IT service providers. We think through the project’s success from the end point backwards – and plan out how we will get there on the basis of transparent goals, structures and procedures, while coordinating all project participants and integrating them into the process at the right time.