Implementation Support

Project Management

In many RITTERWALD engagements we take on a project management role in order to free up capacities in our clients’ organizations. The goal is a smooth-running project – and a happy client.

When complex projects threaten to overload our clients’ human resource capacities, RITTERWALD is happy to take over all project organization and project tracking responsibilities. We coordinate the interdisciplinary work on the project content – for example drafting contracts with external service providers, designing processes or mapping them in the IT systems. We manage internal and external stakeholders such as operational departments, process management team, lawyers and IT service providers. We think through the project’s success from the end point backwards – and plan out how we will get there on the basis of transparent goals, structures and procedures, while coordinating all project participants and integrating them into the process at the right time.

Project planning

Preparation itself is a key success factor. It’s essential to answer questions like: Who is responsible on the client side? Who will be managing the project? Do we need a steering committee? How does this project interact with others and how should they be linked? Which sub-projects do we need to set up? How will they be staffed? We determine everyone who will be involved with the project in a way that ensures not only operational success, but also acceptance of the changes that the project will inevitably bring.

Project structuring

Working closely with our client, we’ll determine what needs to be done by whom for each part of the project and we’ll help consolidate the timelines of the various sub-projects, putting them into an overall interlinked timetable and working out critical paths. Our experience from large numbers of projects as well as our extensive market overview is put to good use here.

Transparent project implementation

Project work thrives on regularity and transparency. That is why we support our clients with the regular monitoring of project progress, ensuring that everything is delivered on time, on budget and on spec at the level of the overall project as well as the individual sub-projects. We prepare and follow up the regular project meetings as well as steering committee meetings and ensure that everything is on track to achieve the project goals.

Good coordination breeds success

From the caretaker to the board members, we discuss individual measures and intermediate results with everyone involved. Considering the overall project objective, we highlight the relevance of each individual milestone for the success of the entire project. We also help with the systematic integration of decision-making bodies and coordination committees.

Everything at a glance

Throughout all activities, we always keep our clients’ project goals in mind, along with the performance of their company. We know and respect our clients’ corporate culture and take into account the different viewpoints and needs of the various hierarchy levels and divisions involved.

Project completion

We accompany projects to the point of success. For us, a project is not complete when a shiny Powerpoint deck lands on the client’s desk, but when the desired change within the organization has been achieved in a way that is both tangible and measurable.