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Urban Development

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Urban populations are growing fast. We help local and regional authorities define bold urban growth strategies.

Accommodating the scale of urban population growth demands major efforts in new and affordable housing delivery. New commercial development concepts are also required. Obstacles come in the form of high costs for land to build on that is accessible by public transportation, coupled with time-consuming planning and environmental procedures, accessibility of sustainable financing and lack of capacity in the construction industry. Moreover, accommodating population growth also creates increasing demand for more and better public transportation, parks, schools, and other amenities that improve quality of life in urban settings.

RITTERWALD supports local and regional authorities in defining bold urban growth strategies with our competencies in urban housing, planning and placemaking, alongside urban design. We can help arrange financing and public-private partnerships that suit residential investments.


Population growth creates an increasing demand for improvements in urban living.

This includes more and better public transportation, parks, schools and other amenities.

RITTERWALD offers clients the benefit of its know-how on the latest trends in urban living throughout Europe.

RITTERWALD supports the establishment and maintenance of public-private partnerships to implement bold urban growth strategies.

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Particularly in densely populated urban centers, there is an increasing focus on how residents experience everyday urban living outdoors.