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We make real estate efficient

RITTERWALD knows the real estate sector better than any other consulting firm in Germany.

Whether you’re a publicly traded company or a municipal housing provider, a cooperative or a family office, as a RITTERWALD client you’ll profit from our extensive and in-depth industry insight which comes from our continuously growing portfolio of successfully delivered projects.

We know the players at all the interfaces between property companies and the related service industries – and we’re just as familiar with high-performing incumbents from the service sector as we are with innovative start-ups. What this means for our clients is that we can optimize costs, processes and structures along the entire value chain – everywhere from energy services to submetering and facility management.

We keep a close eye on how societal trends are changing what people want in respect of real estate, and how they live and work in it. When it comes to dealing with the big topics of the future, such as mobility, homecare and smart buildings, our analyses will give you the basis you need to put your business on the right foundations long term.

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In over 500 projects to date, we have been able to support companies in increasing their efficiency and positioning themselves for the future. At an early stage, we also focused on the major social issues - sustainability, digitalization and smart city - for our clients and developed industry standards.

RITTERWALD is currently advising clients with a housing stock of 45 to over 400,000 apartments.

We serve clients at 15 project locations across Europe – primarily in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

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Topics with an influence on the real estate industry


We are widely connected

Besides getting the benefit of our advisory services, RITTERWALD clients gain access to a strong network. We have direct connections to the people who matter at the real estate sector’s key interfaces– the people working in housing companies and service providers, in banks and for investors. And that’s a decisive advantage for our clients in the process of successfully putting our deliverables into practice in a wider context.

We know the costs

From the sheer number of consulting engagements we’ve completed, we have detailed insights into the cost and revenue structures in the real estate sector and related industries. Withreliable regional, national and international benchmarks at our disposal, our advice can be turned to your advantage and put you in a strong negotiating position.

We accompany you to a successful conclusion

Regularly slipping into our clients’ shoes and getting all internal and external stakeholders involved is our way of ensuring comprehensive project success that goes beyond mere consulting.

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