Facility Management

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We help you manage your facilities optimally

In facility management, we work to ensure that you’re not only adding optimum value but also keeping customers, employees and service providers happy.

For our facility management clients, we develop custom-tailored optimization strategies for all services across the entire spectrum of infrastructure FM, such as janitorial services, outdoor facilities maintenance and telephone switchboards, as well as for all technical FM processes such as wastewater disposal, building services engineering and energy management.

We professionalize FM processes throughout the entire company and tailor them to your existing capabilities, such as the existing IT landscape. We’ll ensure that your service performance contracts are economically configured and put out to tender, where necessary, at the appropriate level of quality. Ensuring the precise division of responsibilitiesand smooth communications within your company and at the interfaces to all your service providers is a key aspect of our consulting services.

With extensive experience from a constantly growing number of consulting engagements coupled with reliable market information and benchmarks, we can sustainably cut costs for you as our clients and meet the needs of your employees, agents and tenants long term.

We know how merging or selling companies can enable you to optimize facility management costs. And we have what it takes to pull off the transaction: Our experienced M&A consultants support our clients throughout the whole process with comprehensive buy-side and sell-side advisory.

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Elevator maintenance costs: Considerable cost reductions can be achieved simply by optimizing maintenance and servicing.

No loss of quality: The cost of managing minor repairs can be cut with process optimization.

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Facility Management Services


Make or buy

Depending on the size of your company, it can make sense to outsource facility management services to specialist providers, buy in all-inclusive service packages at the right price or develop in-house service models. With our wealth of experience, we accompany our clients every step of the way to the ultimate implementation of the decision that’s right for them.

We know the costs

We know what the various facility management services cost at any given time. Our in-depth understanding of the market and up-to-the-minute benchmarks give our clients a strong bargaining hand – for instance in procuring services or negotiating an all-inclusive contract for minor maintenance services or developing prime contractor models for the refurbishment of vacant apartments.

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