Transaction Support

Post Merger Integration

Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

After an M&A transaction, the critical phase of bringing the companies together begins. RITTERWALD advises clients on how to plan and pull off the integration of data, structures, systems and corporate cultures.

A company’s growth can be organic, such as through product and project development, or inorganic – within asset deals or share deals. Especially when growth is inorganic, there are enormous challenges to be overcome. Good planning and implementation of post merger integration is essential to ensure that the companies and their different cultures can be brought together without any major disruption or delay.


Employees and management face numerous challenges in the post-merger phase.

Forward-looking planning of post-merger integration is essential to a successful merger. Good preparation begins in the negotiation phase.

Benefit from our experience

RITTERWALD has extensive PMI expertise based on a large number of successful integration projects delivered. We recommend starting to prepare the integration and develop the necessary strategies and plans prior to the transfer of the company or its assets on the agreed closing date.

Plan for the PMI during the transaction

Successful post merger integration begins in the negotiation phase. We define strategic and operational goals as soon as we start planning the transaction, and we do the financial planning in a business plan format, running through numerous scenarios and aligning them with the goals and plans on the buy side of the transaction.

Different levels of complexity

Depending on the specific case, a transaction can involve acquiring an entire company, just certain divisions (a share deal) or only the company’s assets (an asset deal). So the challenges of integration can vary considerably. RITTERWALD advises clients on all financial, strategic and structural aspects of a merger and supports management and employees through change processes.

We know how it works

A clear structure and an orderly process are of fundamental importance to any post merger integration. Together with our clients we determine the project framework, project content and objectives, and we define specific measures, project organizations and clear task ownership. At the same time, we implement a stringent tracking system for all project aspects.