Transaction Support

Corporate Finance

Handelsblatt Top Beratung 2023

Major financing efforts are often required in the course of developing or realigning a business. We put companies and their future prospects on secure financial foundations.

RITTERWALD supports companies in raising capital through equity or debt capital. We prepare our company valuations with the benefit of comprehensive market insight and strong experience of applying the whole spectrum of financial planning instruments. A capital increase or sale of company stock can improve equity ratios and enhance corporate profitability.

Impact Investing

Officially recognized standards can help increase the value of a company. With the Certified Sustainable Housing Label RITTERWALD gives real estate companies the opportunity to position themselves on the financial market as sustainable businesses, to differentiate themselves from other operators and to access new and potentially cheaper sources of financing.


Given a knowledge of the subsidies available, companies can gain access to additional capital. RITTERWALD has tried-and-tested procedures in place for applying for subsidies and can effectively support companies in getting funding allocated.