10 years of high street regeneration of the West-Kruiskade in downtown Rotterdam

In the latest edition of the peer reviewed Journal of Urban Regeneration RITTERWALD Director Ad Hereijgers adresses how a local alliance turned an inner-city commercial street from no-go to must-visit.

The urban regeneration project in Rotterdam shows that success takes time (think decades, not years), requires a comprehensive contract at the start (trust is good, a binding contract is better), dedicated leadership (personal commitment as crucial skill set), business like decision making (acting from the heart) and finally local businesspeople to keep up the good work (no compromises, better safe than sorry).

Dedicated leadership from local businesspeople and long-term commitment of resources by major stakeholders such as housing associations and local government can best solve persistent social and economic problems.

RITTERWALD is serving urban development clients in Netherlands, Germany and UK.



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