We shape your transformation

At RITTERWALD we advise companies in the real estate sector facing strategic, operational or financial restructuring. As our clients, we will accompany you to the point of successful turnaround with all the right measures to get you through a profit or liquidity crisis.

The goal is to initiate the processes involved in corporate restructuring when the need for such action is foreseeable but your company’s business is not yet suffering. Keeping a continuous eye on the conditions and the players in the real estate market puts us in a position to react to industry developments early on. Our command of the discipline and our extensive experience are applied for your benefit as we help you implement restructuring measures in response to a corporate crisis.

We are well versed in all of the methods and processes involved in reorganizing a company and our advice is underpinned with a great deal of experience and a wealth of industry understanding. Extensive financial, structural and strategy audits form the basis for viable restructuring concepts. We ensure their successful implementation with systems to manage measures and track their realization.


Crisis management

We are effective partners in a time of crisis. We get to grips with the operational structures in your company quickly and efficiently. We rapidly home in on the key levers that can be applied to improve profits or liquidity and realize the measures we recommend.

Financial restructuring

We supervise all financial restructuring measures on the liabilities side of the balance sheet. As our clients, we will support you in reorganizing your bank borrowings and raising capital. We speak the language of banks and investors in the domestic and international markets.

Transactional expertise

n the context of restructuring processes it may make sense to sell or acquire business lines. As experienced M&A consultants we support our clients with comprehensive buy-side and sell-side advisory throughout the whole process – from market testing to deal signing.

Human resources

When restructuring measures impact staffing structures, we talk openly with your employees, work out future prospects for high performers and minimize unproductive conflicts. Should downsizing be unavoidable, we’ll put together severance plans and supervise all of the necessary processes in an upstanding, professional and experienced manner.

Restructuring project phases

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