Good organization means better cooperation across the board

Organizational charts and job descriptions are often overtaken by the reality of established structures and the individuality of the people in their respective roles. Cooperation with service providers is frequently marked by inefficient processes that cost companies a great deal of time and money.

Workshops and interviews are among the methods employed by consultants here at RITTERWALD to analyze current organizational structures for our clients. We identify where responsibilities overlap, determine where the interfaces are and define a new target organization. Most importantly, we develop measures that not only get new organizational structures and processes put in place fast, but also ensure that they remain established long term.


Tackling the issues collectively

Getting involved in an existing organization as an outsider is always a tricky business. We know how to get our clients’ employees, managers and stakeholders onboard, make them feel enthusiastic about change and minimize unproductive conflicts.

Improving the working atmosphere

Well optimized organizational structures achieve much more than just lower costs. They also tangibly ease the burden on employees, giving staff a real lift – and creating a better atmosphere throughout the whole company.

Reorganizing portfolio management leads to substantial efficiency improvements and cost reductions

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