We increase your financial latitude

Investment grants, discounted loans and public subsidies help companies get innovative and complex projects off the ground. We at RITTERWALD know the available regional, national and European funding programs and the terms under which you can apply for the subsidy of your choice.

What we will do for you as members of our German or international client base is examine your ideas and potential and advise you on all of the options available to your business. We can design planned projects to optimally meet the necessary conditions for funding. Throughout the entire project duration we’ll make sure that you comply with all of the funding requirements.


End-to-end service

As our clients you can count on us to be on hand through all phases of the subsidy management process. We handle the planning and application process and coordinate and manage all stakeholder interests. We will be there to support you whenever interim and final reports need to be produced and when you need to furnish proof of having correctly applied the funding received.

Network for success

We work with a broad-based network spanning development banks, regional development agencies, house banks, business development agencies, research institutes and industry-specific service providers. As such, we benefit from fast access to first-hand information about projects, legislative conditions and new subsidy programs.

Funding alliances

In many cases public subsidies can only be acquired within alliances, particularly when it comes to European funding programs (Horizon 2020, INTERREG, URBACT). We can find and convince the right partners to join you and ensure that the shared project work is conducted on the basis of clear and balanced cooperation agreements.

Pan-European advantage

As an Associate Member of the “European Federation for Living” we have reliable contacts with international partners from across the real estate spectrum. We have already realized major international projects in conjunction with partners from Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Sweden, the UK, Spain and Italy in the past.

Overview of European subsidies

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