We optimize your procurement processes

Whether you’re buying services for building maintenance, renovation or the upkeep of grounds, procurement is one of the biggest cost items for any real estate company. RITTERWALD can improve your structures and processes, organizations and policies, thus helping you reduce expenditure along the entire supply chain.

We work to achieve the best possible ratio of quality to price for our clients, develop outsourcing strategies and structure the RFP process so that procurement is optimized throughout every link in the value chain.

Fragmented supply structures imply considerable in-house costs for our clients. We can bundle various procurement activities in different outsourcing models and sell them with long-term contracts in the context of M&A projects. On the client side we’ll establish the necessary operational structures and ensure that everything goes smoothly after the successful transaction.


Price benchmarking

Our experience and industry understanding give us precise insight into the latest prices for procurement activities. We optimally exploit the market potential for our clients’ benefit and negotiate favorable conditions with lasting effect.

Strong network

We maintain personal contact with the industry players and are familiar with their business models. Suppliers and service providers rate us highly as fair and knowledgeable negotiators and are happy to work with us long term.

Effective structures

There are many examples of how optimized procurement processes have eased the administrative burden on our clients. For instance, utility billing becomes easier for the company to do and for tenants to understand. Better structures in planned maintenance management reduce the amount of organizational input required internally and make it easier to communicate the works to tenants.

Successful transactions

Delivery is our strong point. Once the strategic planning of outsourcing models within procurement is complete, our experienced M&A specialists take over: from approaching buyers to successfully closing the deal, they support our clients with sell-side advisory throughout all phases of the process.

Modularizing maintenance services enables the realization of considerable savings

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