We are experts in the real estate sector and we create value for property companies. Ever since RITTERWALD was founded in 2011, serving the needs and challenges of the real estate industry has been our specialty. Our clients profit from our extensive and detailed industry understanding which comes from our continuously growing portfolio of successfully delivered projects.


Industry Expertise

We are familiar with the latest market trends and know the competitors on the ground. We have bench­marks for all services.

Functional Expertise

We have the necessary expertise and a wealth of experience in putting real estate companies on an efficient foundation.


These companies are among those we have advised.
If you would like to know more, please give us a call.

  • Ha.Ge.We
  • Howoge
  • Gewobag
  • SWSG
  • Sudewo
  • Patrizia
  • IMMO
  • Allbau
  • degewo
  • Gagfah
  • WBM
  • Vivawest
  • Stadt Und Land
  • Facilita
  • GBW Gruppe
  • LEG gewothnt gut
  • TAG
  • MariorDomus
  • BBM
  • Wiro
  • Hilco Global
  • Vonovia
  • AMCI
  • Tempus Capital
  • AEM
  • Ceramic Fuel Cells
  • Adler Realestate